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Getting Started - Complimentary Meeting

To help you get started and tell us what problems you need solved. We can answer your many questions at a complimentary meeting over coffee at our office, just phone for an appointment. It's that easy!

Modern Interior Design
Modern Interior Design

Design and Development

Designs, including all details (roof details, joinery plans, kitchen and bathroom layouts etc.) are created. The timeframe for this stage is at least 4-5 weeks. 

Fees: Fixed fee based on clients brief

Modern Interior Design

Contract Administration

Arranging a limited tender to ensure a competitive contract cost. Arranging for the contract, start, running and completion of contract to everyone's satisfaction. 

Modern Interior Design

Getting you Started - Schematic Report at a Fixed Fee.

We offer a cost effective way to get your architectural project off the ground. 

Our Schematic Report Includes:

- 3 initial designes based on your brief and our recommendations

- Client chooses their prefereed design, which we then refine and is costed by an independent estimator. 

The typical timeframe for this sateg is 4-5 weeks. 

Fixed fee: By agreement with the client.

Modern Interior Design

Contract Documentation

This is where we create detailed working drawings, and a full list of specifications which are given to the builder. The timeframe for this stage is approximately 5-6 weeks. 

Fees: Fixed fee based on clients brief

Modern Interior Design

DIY Service

Many Clients have experience in the building and decorating industries and are capable of some practical involvement themselves. We encourage this involvement and are here to help throughout the project build phase whenever required.

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